In this lesson, we will look at setting up your home location in GSAK

There is already a sample entry for your home in your locations box – simply remove the “#” from the start, and replace with your coordinates. FYI – “#” makes it a comment.

You can get your coordinates in several ways, but I will show you the optimal method:

  • – Do this first!!! From the drop-down menu beside your caching name and icon, select “Settings”.   Then choose the “Home Location” tab.  Enter your home address (or use the “Locate Me” feature); should be pretty close.  If it’s not, you can always drag the pin.
  • GSAK – select “ access”, then “Update user information” and check “Update GSAK home coordinates to same as” – your GSAK home coordinates will match whatever you are using on It will automat

Other methods include:

  1. GSAK– select “ access”, then “Get Geocaches” In the “Circle” search, use the Google Map to return the coordinates for your home location (additionally explained in the section for importing caches using the “ access”)
  2. Google maps – right-click on your home location, then select “What’s here?” The coordinates are at the bottom of the window that pops up.

Coordinates can be in any of the standard formats

Caches can now be sorted from the closest location to your home

You can have multiple locations (covered at intermediate)