In this lesson, we will look at importing caches from pocket queries created at

  • With GSAK version 8, the main reason that you would want to run pocket queries instead of using the “ access” feature is that pocket queries also allow you to filter based on ATTRIBUTES. There are also other things that you would want to consider such as the “that” and “during” sections.
  • Go to, select “play”, then “pocket queries.” Remember, you must be a Premium member at in order to run pocket queries.  Create and run the pocket queries that you want.
  • Optional (but NOT NECESSARY) – you can download the pocket queries to your computer and drag them onto GSAK (or use the “Load GPX/LOC/ZIP” function), but I have a MUCH BETTER solution below!
  • Go to GSAK, “ access” and select “Download Pocket Queries.”
  • Select the pocket queries that you want to download, and ensure that you select “Run GPX load after download.”
  • If you want to bring in additional information such as county or elevation, make sure that you check the settings box.
  • Click “OK” and your pocket queries will be added to GSAK!