In this lesson, we will look at starting to get some REAL value from GSAK by using filters.

  • There are so many geocaches available on  When you start bringing them into GSAK, your database can start getting overwhelming very quickly.  How can I find the right caches for me today?  Filters are your answer.  Filters are one of the key reasons to people get GSAK.
  • There are many kinds of filters that you can do.  This lesson will look at several examples of single state filters, and how to clear them.  Included are: caches that you have found, caches that you haven’t found, caches with specific attributes, caches in specific states.  If you can do these, then you can figure out the others.  I will also show you an example of a multi-state filter so you can see how POWERFUL GSAK can be in showing you specific kinds of caches.
  • When you change something in a filter, that field turns YELLOW and the tab at the top turns RED.
  • You can also save the filters that you use the most often.  One example that I have is for winter friendly caches.  You can bring these up very quickly.
  • I will also show you how to clear a filter so that you go back to seeing all your caches in your database.
  • Finally, I will show you how to delete a filter permanently once it’s no longer useful to you.