In this lesson we will look at connecting GSAK to your premium account

This unlocks the full potential of GSAK, especially the use of the “ access” menu and a number of API calls (GSAK “speaking” with in other areas of GSAK. You can get by without it, but why would you?!

Two main methods:

  • “Get another access token” – “ access” – “Get Another Access Token”. Brings up a window within GSAK.  Enter your user name and password (don’t worry – it’s safe).  Then select “Allow Access.”  The window will then close.
  • “Get another access token (method 2)” – “ access” – “Get Another Access Token (method 2)”. Brings up a new default browser window outside of GSAK.  Enter your user name and password if not already logged in.  Then select “Allow Access.”  Then, select “Send Access Token to GSAK”.  In GSAK, you will see a window telling you that the access token has been renewed – hooray!

You will actually need to refresh from time to time – a warning window pops up that tells you need to “update” your permission for GSAK to speak directly to