In this lesson, we will look at a special situation – bringing Lab Caches into GSAK

  • Lab caches are placed at times surrounding special events (e.g., Geowoodstock).
  • Lab caches do not show up in a “My Finds” pocket query – you will get a difference between “finds” and GSAK “finds.
    Extra steps are required to bring the lab caches into GSAK and mark them as found.
    • Look for a GPX file on the lab cache page. Download this file into GSAK.  Doing this will create waypoints with extra details such as coordinates, cache details, etc.  If there is no file, then you will have to create waypoints manually (this will be covered at the intermediate level).
    • Search for the waypoints that were in the GPX file – focus (filter) on these caches
    • Right-clicking on each cache individually, mark the cache as found, and enter the date on which you claimed the find. This will increase your cache finds in GSAK so that it matches

Note: As of 19 March, has changed the way that they process lab caches. As such, you may no longer be able to add these.