Geowoodstock 14’er

My perspectives of the Geowoodstock 14'er event in Denver, CO, USA on 3 July 2016. It was our first time attending this amazing event!

Written By chris

On July 4, 2016

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Wow – Geowoodstock 14’er (GC5Q1ET) was a blast!  Margaret (AKA Koalacanuck) and I have always wanted to experience this event, but they always seemed pretty far away from our home in Nova Scotia, Canada.  Having recently been relocated for work to Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA, we found ourselves an hour’s drive away from this year’s Geowoodstock at the Denver Botanical Gardens (Chatfield location).  No more excuses!

A Positive Experience

There were many positive experiences to be had.  For me, it was an opportunity to get a good look at geocaching swag, chat with other geocachers, finally get some lab caches, and go to a GSAK information session.  Why I would choose to attend a GSAK session?  There are many reasons:

  1. I LOVE GSAK! As you know by now, I am passionate about this topic.  Why wouldn’t I use the opportunity to discuss my favourite topic?
  2. I get to hear GSAK-related questions from people just like you. This allows me to get smarter about where you struggle and what you want to be able to do with GSAK.  With this information I can create content to help you get the most out of the program.  That’s also why I ask you, when you sign up for the newsletter,  to tell me your number one concern with GSAK – I want you to have fun with and be amazed by the incredible power of GSAK.
  3. I get to hear how others use GSAK. There are many ways of using GSAK to achieve a certain result, and everyone has their own workflows and personal “tips.”  In this case, I saw two macros that I hadn’t used before –FindEraser and  CacheRoute3.  The former is a decent tool for me when I teach GSAK; the latter is a pretty cool route planning tool that will be featured in future videos.
From left to right - Chris (AKA Koalacanuckpapa), Sandy and Sonny (AKA Team Podcacher), and Margaret (AKA Koalacanuck)

From left to right – Chris (AKA Koalacanuckpapa), Sandy and Sonny (AKA Team Podcacher), and Margaret (AKA Koalacanuck)

Meeting With Sunny, Sandy, and Sean!

Geowoodstock 14’er also gave me an opportunity to meet Sonny and Sandy from the Podcacher podcast.  For those who aren’t aware, a podcast is an internet-based radio show that tends to be focused on a particular topic.  In this case, Podcacher is “a program that delivers geocaching and GPS news, tips and tricks, tools of the trade, caching stories from around the world, interviews with amazing geocachers, live audio events, giveaways and much more!”  I also got to meet Sean (their son) and discuss which were his favourite pages from his self-titled colouring book.  It was nice to meet such an articulate and friendly young man!

Margaret and I have been listening to them since 2008; they are a perfect companion when we head out on our geocaching adventures.  You should check them out –  When you realize how awesome they are, you can subscribe at

Thank You

Finally, a huge “thank you” goes out to all of those involved making this a special day!


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