E.T. Highway Lessons Learned

Have you ever wanted to do a major power trail such as the E.T. Highway in Nevada, USA?  I’ve done it, and it was a lot of fun – but there also some planning factors that you MUST consider if you want to do it safely.  This presentation, created by me as well as Margaret and Ken Klock, shows you the ups, downs, and safety considerations that should be part of your power trail preparations.  We have given this presentation at two events so far, and we plan on making a voice recording in the future – stay tuned!  Click on the link below to see a pdf of our presentation.

ET Highway AAR

Geocaching Videos

I am now uploading all videos on YouTube, and have deleted the courses on this website.


By switching everything over to YouTube, the content will continue to be free (unless YouTube starts changing their business model) while simplifying this website.



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