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E.T. Highway Lessons Learned

Have you ever wanted to do a major power trail such as the E.T. Highway in Nevada, USA?  I’ve done it, and it was a lot of fun – but there also some planning factors that you MUST consider if you want to do it safely.  This presentation, created by me as well as Margaret and Ken Klock, shows you the ups, downs, and safety considerations that should be part of your power trail preparations.  We have given this presentation at two events so far, and we plan on making a voice recording in the future – stay tuned!  Click on the link below to see a pdf of our presentation.

ET Highway AAR

Geocaching Courses

The tabs below contain more information on the courses that I will be creating in the fullness of time.  Main main focus is on the Beginner GSAK course, but I will create videos for the others along the way.

Beginner GSAK With Chris Hache - Welcome!

The beginner course is free (for now)

when you click the picture above.

The first course, aimed at people who have never seen GSAK or have JUST started using it, will start with “What Is GSAK?” (Hint: It stands for Geocaching Swiss Army Knife, a PC-based tool that is fantastic for tracking all of the caches that you have done and all of the caches that you want to do!)

The course will then progressively take you through setting up GSAK, understanding what you are seeing on the screen, bringing in caches from, sending just the caches that you want to find to your GPSr, and then super-fast logging of all of your caches – I once was able to log 595 caches that I found during one day of ET Highway caching after just 10 minutes of setting up the log!  Each module of the course is designed to build upon the previous module.  If you want to see what it looks like as of today, please click on the picture above.

This is the main course that I’m working on right now – I already have three hours of video completed with so much more to make.  I firmly believe that this will be the most comprehensive course out there!  Although aimed at beginners, I’ve been told by several people at the intermediate level that they are learning things in this class, too!

Intermediate GSAK With Chris Hache - Welcome!

The second course is aimed at intermediate users of GSAK – if you don’t know what that is, then please check out the beginner tab and line yourself up for success!

The course will build on the beginner class and show you a wider range of things that you can do with GSAK.  Lessons will include advanced filtering, using macros, database management, and so much more.  This course will be perfect for those who are familiar with GSAK, but always feel that there is something more that can be done with it.

Advanced GSAK With Chris Hache - Welcome!

The third course, aimed at advanced users of GSAK, will build on the first two classes and show you just how powerful GSAK can actually be.  Lessons will include even more advanced filtering, cross-posting between and GSAK, a broader range of macros, and advanced levels of database management.  This course will be perfect for those who can easily get standard tasks achieved in GSAK, but want to become power users of GSAK.


Solving Geocaching Puzzles With Chris Hache - Welcome

Puzzle caches, mystery caches, brain-busting caches – whatever you call them, I love trying to solve them!  In the future, I will be looking at creating courses that will show you how to solve them.  Easy caches where the answers can be done by children, caches that require you to know computer code, algorithmic puzzles, and even more will be covered.  Stay tuned!

Solving Geocaching Issues With Chris Hache - Welcome!

This course will be focused on some of those frustrating issues that can come about when geocaching.  Have you ever cached as a group only to find that a basic member can’t log the Premium caches that you have found?  Have you ever wondered what you should have in a cache repair kit?  What about the tools that you should carry with you for caching in various kinds of environments?  These videos will help you solve most geocaching issues that you will face.

Some Geocaching Videos

Here are a few videos to whet your appetite for GSAK.  Just click on the title and the video page will pop up.  Enjoy!  Now, if you want a broader selection, please go to my YouTube channel at 

Learn GSAK with Chris Hache

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