Hi there!


Welcome to my homepage.  This site is meant to capture some of the things that I am focusing on right now.  Some of it is educational, some of it is inspirational, some of it is fun.  Most importantly, I hope that you will find the information useful in your journey.

This website mainly focuses on the following:

  • Leadership (formerly known as Voices of Canadian Leadership)
  • Geocaching (think global scavenger hunt), including a tool named Geocaching Swiss Army Knife (GSAK)

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please give me a shout at chris@chrishache.com.

I’m wishing you every success!


I’m also involved with NORAD tracks Santa – you can see some of the clips / interviews below:


http://ici.radio-canada.ca/nouvelle/1005805/un-militaire-du-nouveau-brunswick-au-norad-sur-les-traces-du-pere-noel (French interview with Radio-Canada (Moncton) dated 14 December 2016 (duration 11+ minutes)

http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/norad-santa-nigadoo-1.3896353 (English interview with CBC Radio One (Moncton) dated 14 December 2016 (duration 8:35)