A wrong decision is better than indecision: Eight leadership lessons from Tony Soprano by Leo D’Angelo Fisher at BRW on 21 June 2013.

This article was generated by the passing of James Gandolfini, who played the Mob Boss Tony Soprano in the cult TV series “The Sopranos”.  Although he was an actor subject to the whims of his writers, and I highly discourage “putting a hit on people” as a form of conflict resolution, the article nevertheless raises some interesting points:

  1. It’s lonely at the top
  2. Learn from your mistakes
  3. The vision thing
  4. You have authority – use it
  5. Having authority also means knowing when not to use it
  6. Work-life balance: know your place
  7. Have a plan
  8. Dealing with people – “Those who want respect, give respect”

I loved this TV show – I watched many episodes during my “down time” on submarines at sea.  James Gandolfini will be missed.

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