Will we ever have another leader like Mandela? by Doug Mollenhauer at the Globe & Mail on 19 December 2013.

An article inspired by the life and times of Nelson Mandela.  The author asks the question, “What, then, are some of the leadership qualities that best serve human beings and make us all better?  And are these qualities possible in leaders at all levels and in all facets of life?” He then answers his own question thusly:

  • They lead themselves first
  • They help us see what is best in ourselves (this was my favourite section)
  • They help us see a better future
  • They only want the best – for everyone
  • They are close to home

My favourite quote comes from this final section:

“If you ask people – on any day other than the funeral of a great leader – what people they most admire and would be most likely to follow, they will likely name somebody they know. It’s usually a parent, a teacher, or a coach – somebody close to them – who has inspired them the most.  This suggests that each of us has more potential influence than we realize.”

For me, the person that I admire most has changed over the years since they have been a significant factor at different points in my life, and for different reasons.  One constant, however, is that I have had direct and frequent interactions with them.  I have been fortunate to work for some fantastic leaders, and I hope you have been fortunate enough to find leaders that you admire as well.

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