Want To Succeed? Don’t Check Your Email – And Work Out At Lunch by Erika Anderson at Forbes on 23 December 2013

I was torn whether I’d include this article, especially since it leans more towards management than leadership.  I liked the article too much, however, to not bring it to your attention.

It can be very difficult for leaders to break away from what they do, but this article features one company that ENFORCES people to do just that.  Three areas are highlighted:

  • Mandatory email embargo (incoming and outgoing) for people when they are on vacation – if they don’t follow the rules, they get a call from the CEO.  Having just checked my Blackberry while on vacation, I’m guilty of this one…
  • Mandatory vacation – no roll-overs.  My company has done this for years, and yet I still see people coming in on their vacation.
  • Optional (but highly encouraged) paid 90 minute lunches – including shuttle to / from the gym, paid gym membership and personal trainers.

My favourite quote came from the first point:

“…managers put more attention toward developing their folks  – because their folks can’t call them when there’s an emergency during their absence; they have to be willing and able to handle it themselves.”

From a fundamental leadership perspective, this company ensures that people look out for themselves and that they look out for each other – they have created an enviable corporate culture.

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