Episode Focus: An interview with Mary Engel – a Canadian coach that businesses and individuals go to for personal, private and powerful performance transformation.


  • The interview is just under 24 minutes in length, and make sure that you stick around until the end – Mary has a great offer for you!
  • I’m continuing website tweaking to make it easier to access all of the content.
  • I’ve been speaking with several business-oriented folks, and that has been amazing.  I’m expanding the scope to include government and non-profit organizations – I have several of these interviews in the works.  If you or someone you know wants to discuss leadership, let me know!

VOCL Main Interview

Guest Bio (Margaret Narration):  Mary Engel is the coach that businesses and individuals go to for personal, private and powerful performance transformation. 

Mary has spent the last 10 years speaking, writing, consulting and coaching on organizational management and how to achieve personal, professional and organizational results faster. She delivers high-impact coaching, training and management strategies that amplify profits and speed up results.

Mary’s coaching clients call her “insightful”, “inspiring”, and “a source of constant motivation!”

She uses an advanced personality, style and situational assessment to diagnose strengths and opportunities for rapid advancement. Then she applies proven business and life coaching methodologies to help managers transcend conscious and sub-conscious barriers to personal and professional success.

Mary has worked closely with managers and leaders in financial services, telecom, construction, property management, retail, mining, manufacturing, logistics and other industries. She has extensive experience working with global brands, public and private companies, and family-owned businesses. Her coaching clients come to her both privately, and through referrals from their organizations.”

Executive Summary of Answers

What is a leadership-related quote that motives or inspires you?

  • “When you challenge yourself, you attract support.  When you stay in your comfort zone, you attract challenge” ~ Dr Lise Janelle

How do you use that quote in your work and everyday life?

  • Taking a big leap of courage – starting a business allows you to figure out who will support you.

If you were to mentor someone taking on their first real leadership role, what advice would you give (personal experience or otherwise)?

  • Dig deep, do some introspection to find out what you love and what drives you.  Then, figure out what you’re doing that drives that.

Who have been the influential leaders in your life and why?

  • Dr Lise Janelle – spiritual and self-reflective
  • Laura Polley – courageous entrepreneurial mindset
  • Doug Emmerson – master in management

If you could pick any Canadian to be your mentor, who would it be and why?

  • Kathleen Taylor.  She understands how personal life and business can blend.

What do you think are the three most important attributes that a leader can possess?

  • Skills (leadership and management processes), self-worth, and kindness

If you could pick only one, which would it be?

  • Kindness

Where do you turn to for leadership knowledge?  Books? Seminars? Something else?  Please provide a specific example.

What do you think of the state of leadership in Canada (any area, not just politics)  today – strengths, weaknesses?

  • I want to say that there are a lot of strong leaders but there is a huge gap e.g., people saying “it’s not personal, it’s business” – that creates an imbalance.   Leadership needs to see that the two are intertwined.

Imagine you are the host of VOCL – who’s a Canadian leader that you would like to interview and why?

What are you working on right now and how can people get a hold of you?

  • Developing a program for leaders (managers and executives) on being effective in their environment.



Download her eBook – “Stand Out: 8 Tips to Enjoy Your Work.  Get Recognized and Get Promoted”

That was a great interview with Mary – I’d like to thank her for her time and insights.

VOCL Closing Thoughts / Future Episodes / Call to Action

What’s been happening

  • I’ve tried an experiment by growing a beard for a month.  I’ve been shaving my face for over 25 years, and shaving my head for 15 years, so it’s definitely an odd feeling!  The family did not like that…

Takeaways and introspection

  • “When you challenge yourself, you attract support.  When you stay in your comfort zone, you attract challenge” ~ Dr Lise Janelle.  What are you doing to challenge yourself? Your team?


I’m Chris Hache, asking you to be VOCL for a better Canada

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