Episode Focus: In this episode, we feature an interview with Halifax-based leader Dan Fay.  We discuss his thoughts on leadership, why he doesn’t want to emulate other people, his focus on grass-roots leadership, and what he considers to be the three most important leadership attributes that a leader can possess.

 The interview is just over 26 minutes, so I’ll be skipping the articles this week.  Having said that, I already have next week all lined up – all I need to do is record it!

VOCL Main Interview

Guest Bio (Margaret Narration):  Daniel Fay is Managing Director with BrenDaniel Productions Corp, a project management and leadership facilitation organization based in Halifax, with business activities throughout the world.

Dan has had the opportunity to develop over 6,000 managers in management and leadership techniques, many throughout China, Singapore and Africa.

Through his Leadership by Examples initiative, a monthly facilitation program, Dan helps organizations develop their leadership capability, consistent with their core values and vision.

Dan’s core vision is built around his family – his wife Brenda and 5 amazing children from whom he learns every day.

  • What is a leadership-related quote that motives or inspires you? Seek and accept responsibility.”
  • Why does that motivate you? How do you use that quote in your work and everyday life?  You have to be able to take ownership of your situation.
  • If you were to mentor a younger version of yourself, what advice would you give knowing what you know today?  There’s not much to change.  You have to be taking risks; that takes effort and guts.
  • Who have been the influential leaders in your life and why? My Dad – he was a military judge who got right to the point.  I tend to like black/white (or digital) thinking, not grey. 
  • If you could pick any Canadian to be your mentor, who would it be and why?  No one – everyone has their own path.
  • What do you think are the three most important attributes that a leader can possess?  Self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-discipline.
  • If you could pick only one, which would it be?  Self-esteem.
  • Where do you turn to for leadership knowledge? Books? Seminars? Something else?  I tend to use seminars and webinars, but these tend to reinforce key ideas and not introduce new topics.
  • What do you think of the state of leadership in Canada (any area, not just politics) today – strengths, weaknesses?  Politics is more of a function of followership.  I think that leadership starts at the grass-roots level – it’s evident in young age groups such as Cubs (let them lead!)
  • Imagine you are the host of VOCL – who’s a Canadian leader that you would like to interview and why?  Andrew Leslie – a former Canadian Army Commander with whom I did my initial military training.  He has transferable core values that he has brought with him to business.
  • Anything else you would like to bring up?  Leadership is 24/7.  Be true to yourself.
  • What are you working on right now?  Supporting organizations for 0.5-1 day per month.  Training course that is becoming a facilitation program, with a focus on teamwork.
  • How can people get a hold of you?  LinkedIn and email (daniel@brendaniel.com)

That was a great interview with Dan – I’d like to thank him for his time and insights.

VOCL Closing Thoughts / Future Episodes / Call to Action

What’s been happening

  • Submissions for the 2015 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference (GGCLC) closed – the deadline was 30 September 2014.  The interview process will be starting shortly.  Working on the tour right now – those who visit Nova Scotia will have an interesting tour!

Takeaways and introspection

  • Dan talked about leadership at the grass-roots level.  What are you doing to develop leadership in the younger generation?  If you’re not currently involved with youth, how else can you help foster leadership in your fellow Canadians?

I’m Chris Hache, asking you to be VOCL for a better Canada

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