Show Summary: Eric Prud’homme provides his thoughts and opinions about being one of the co-chairs for the New Brunswick Study Group as part of the 2012 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.


Hi there!  Welcome to the 10th episode of the Voices of Canadian Leadership podcast.

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Summary of GGCLC so far:

  • A broad range of speakers from academia, labour, business, and non-profit.
  • Already started touring NB, speaking with non-profit, businesses and political figures (including the Premier and Lt Gov.)

We will now look at the main topic of the show – “An Interview with Eric Prud’Homme”.  

Eric Prud’Homme Guest Bio (Margaret Narration)

Since December 2012, Eric has been the Manager, Public Affairs Eastern Canada for Enbridge Pipelines. Prior to this role, he was Vice-President, Strategy and Public Affairs, at the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal. He worked previously as a communications and policy advisor in the offices of cabinet ministers in Quebec City. Before that, he served as director of communications and marketing at Groupe Pierre Belvédère, product manager at L’Oréal and director of development at Class Afloat.

A born adventurer, Eric developed his sense of leadership circling the globe for a year-and-a-half aboard a188’ Tallship, since then he has never ceased to explore the world at every opportunity.  He is also involved in his community; he currently is an administrator on the Board of the Montreal Young Chamber of Commerce and the Montreal Baroque Festival, as well as, a Governor for the Emergence Foundation that looks after the well-being and equality of the LGBT community. In 2008, Eric also ran for office in the Quebec general election; an experience he likes to refer to as a very humbling one.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in political studies from Bishop’s University and took part in a student exchange with Lund University in Sweden. He also holds a Master’s degree in European studies from the Université Catholique de Louvain and an MBA in marketing from HEC Montréal.

Interview with Eric.  Since I don’t have a transcription service, this part will not be populated.  It is being included as a placeholder, however, should the service become available in the future.

  • Great interview with Eric – fun to catch up and hear about the tour from his perspective
  • Eric’s LinkedIn profile

Other GGCLC Alumni?

Resources and Articles

This week – articles focusing on balancing leadership

Fear Your Strengths Authors Say: When it Comes to Leadership, You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing by Kaplan deVries at the Wall Street Journal

Balancing four fundamental leadership qualities – strategic leadership, operational leadership, forceful leadership and enabling leadership

Paradoxes of Leadership by Jennifer Ledet at the Daily Comet

  • Confident but humble
  • Tell but also ask
  • One of the guys but stand apart from the team
  • Decide but also build consensus
  • Stable but dynamic
  • Know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em
  • Balance best practices against innovation
  • Have an open door but only share information with discretion

Not sure of the paradox for hold/fold, but part of the great Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler” so I’ll allow it…

Warren Buffet is Bullish… On Women by Warren Buffet in Fortune Magazine

Leaders (especially male leaders) should be focusing on helping all people achieve their potential, not just males.  As a father to my daughter, I have to make sure that I don’t accidentally place any barriers in front of her.  Furthermore, I need her to be able to recognize and break through any potential barriers that others may try to build.

(Article has been deleted)

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