Vineet Nayar on 13 leadership ideas that will transform your life by Vineet Nayar at The Economic Times on 3 May 2013.

Actually , there are only nine leadership ideas that will transform your life – the author wants people to write in and add four more.  He sees leaders as:

  • An explorer who finds the unknown exciting
  • Sees an opportunity in challenges
  • Has an irrational expectation of his/herself and others
  • Inspires people
  • Is emotional
  • Has a higher purpose
  • Is trustworthy
  • Walks the talk
  • Earns the right to lead

This article didn’t speak to me, but might speak to others.  I have a problem with the first point – finding the unknown exciting.  I have found that leaders are able to deal with the unknown; they may not be more excited by it.  The irrational expectation part I also have trouble with – leaders can have a vision and push the boundaries, but must still be grounded in logical thought.  Perhaps it’s my military side, but I don’t think being as emotional as everyone else is necessary.  The movie “Saving Private Ryan” demonstrates this pretty well.  That does not mean that the leader should be a robot; rather, the leader must make sure that the team’s needs are met.

P.S. The article did generate 30 comments, which is more than I tend to see for leadership-related articles.

(Original link has been deleted)

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