Values-Based Leadership and Empowering Women: Interview With CEO of IKEA Group by Natalia Brzezinski at Huffington Post on 20 December 2013.

This article focuses on home décor giant “IKEA” and their values-based leadership principles and empowering women.  Even before the interview with CEO Peter Agnefjall begins, the author states that,

“47% of all managers are women and approximately 40% top managers (“top” signifies top 240 managers). Their short-term global goal is 50%.”  That’s an enviable goal, but it is certainly attainable based on their current success.

Right at the start of the interview, when asked about exporting corporate values to international stores and managers, highlights the importance of recruiting the right people and to work with them throughout the career – you don’t hope to change a person’s core values to align with yours later on, and focusing on values does not end with a contract offer.  They want to be a reflection of society, and they see men and women having an equal role in managing the company.  Finally, Peter mentions that the future trends that will drive IKEA include sustainability, resource and energy independence, and being a community leader.

There’s also a section in there about policies and practices to promote and keep top female talent.  One idea is flexible work arrangements; for others, you’ll have to read the full article.

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