Top 10 Skills Needed for Effective Leadership by Dr. Jenna Filipkowski and J.P. Donlon at Chief Executive Magazine on 14 January 2014.

I like this article because it provides the survey results on a study done by Chief Executive Magazine on the top ten leadership skills required by CEOs, as ranked by the CEO’s themselves.  There is no accompanying text, so you’re left to determine how they came about the results, how many people were surveyed, etc.  Where the value of the article comes in is the relative ranking of those ten skills, and how they have changed from the previous year.  I’ll mention the skills as ranked this year in descending order of perceived importance – for the actual percentages or comparisons to last year you will have to go to the article yourself:

  • Adaptability to change (most important)
  • Strategic thinking
  • Integrity
  • Very good communicator
  • Being trustworthy and open
  • Vision
  • Develops and fosters diverse teams
  • Delegation
  • A positive mind-set
  • High self-awareness (least important)

Let me know if you would have a different order (or different skills).

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