Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill

Address: 310 Johhny Bench Drive, Bricktown area of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Date / Time Visited:  1:00PM on 28 February 2014

Genre: Bar and Grill

Reservation: They don’t take reservations

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – Lots of country and lots of Toby Keith.  WIFI available.

Toby Keith's - Motorcycle

Toby Keith’s – Motorcycle

Greeting / reception

Chris – Friendly, seated in the corner near big screen.

Toby Keith's - Bus

Toby Keith’s – Bus

Menu prices

Chris –Reasonable prices, good value for money.

Toby Keith's - Menu

Toby Keith’s – Menu


Chris – Lots of different styles of food – more expansive selection than I would have thought.

Toby Keith's - Sides

Toby Keith’s – Sides

Smell / look / taste of Mescalita

Chris – Mescal, agave nectar and sweet/sour bar mix – great taste served in a 1 litre Mason Jar.

Toby Keith's - Mescalita

Toby Keith’s – Mescalita

Smell / look / taste of fried catfish and fried okra side

Chris – Fish – peppery batter and crunchy with cornmeal – nice taste.  Couldn’t really taste the catfish at first but then started getting a mushy cod taste.  Tartar sauce had a dill pickle taste.  Okra  – deep fried zucchini – not bad, not great.  Coleslaw – nice mix of sweet and tangy.

Toby Keith's - Main Meal

Toby Keith’s – Main Meal

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Recommended by waitress.

Toby Keith's - Artwork

Toby Keith’s – Artwork

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Great choices, knew her menu.

Toby Keith's - Upstairs Section

Toby Keith’s – Upstairs Section

Overall dining experience

Chris – Very pleasant way to finish a visit to Oklahoma – went to the airport immediately afterward.  A friend and I had just finished a visit to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial.

Toby Keith's - Main Stage

Toby Keith’s – Main Stage

Would we go again

Chris – Absolutely, plus Margaret would love it!

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