The Lower Deck Bar and Grill – Clayton Park

Address: 278 Lacewood Dr., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Date / Time Visited: 1800, 25 July 2014

Genre: Pub

Meals Served: Lunch, Supper

Reservation: Nil

Notes: A reward card exists

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – Wifi is available – you have to ask for the password (decent wifi – no problems).  Music was a combination of live band and canned music.  Most of the stuff was from the 90s – awesome!  A nautical theme, including many “lanterns.” There are also several large-screen TVs for the sports fans out there.

Margaret – it’s a bar!  What more can I say?

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Interior

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – Hosting an event for the NS Lung Association – they were having a “Chase the Ace” fundraiser.  The place was fairly busy, so we got to seat ourselves at a booth.  Wait staff still managed to come around very quickly, getting us

Margaret – We came here specifically to support the Lung Association of NS’s fundraiser.  Hope we win!!

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Menu 1

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Menu 1

Menu prices

Chris – Mid-point, high for simple pub fare, but then some items are fancier than regular pub fare.

Margaret – Prices are higher than you might expect for what I consider a bar but maybe since I haven’t been to a bar in years, the prices might be normal.

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Menu 2

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Menu 2


Chris – A decent variety of pub foods and more upscale menu items.  Lots of burgers, salad, fish, chicken – something for everyone!

Margaret – Nice menu selection.  Definitely not your typical pub food.

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Menu 3

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Menu 3

Smell / look / taste of Bacon-Wrapped Chicken

Chris – A good blend of bacon, chicken and goat’s cheese – I would have liked more goat cheese, but then again, I LOVE goat cheese.  The sauce was surprisingly sweet, but complemented the slight tang of the cheese.  Vegetable sticks were still al dente – much preferred over the over-cooked veg that you can get in some places.  Wild rice was okay, but did not stand out in this dish (could have been topped by a dollop of goat cheese.

Margaret – The bacon was too hard.

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Chicken

Smell / look / taste of Mushroom Madness Burger with Sweet Potato Fries

Chris – Nice earthy taste to the burger.  Love the crispy batter on the sweet potato fries (extra – regular order comes with potato wedges), plus they had a nice seasoning.  The dipping sauce for the fries was very sweet with honey, curry (possibly also had poppy seed).

Margaret – Quite tasty – looked nice on the plate.  I really like mushrooms and the mixture on the burger was delicious.  The burger was quite tasty and I didn’t add any condiments to it.   The fries were not as crisp as I would like but still tasty.

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Mushroom Madness Burger

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Mushroom Madness Burger

Why we chose menu items

Chris – I was going to have the Lower Deck burger – it has their name on it so I thought that it would be special.  As I was looking at it, it turned out that it’s just a bacon cheeseburger – so I switched to something else.

Margaret – Chris chose what I wanted to have so I had to order something else.  Also, really like mushrooms!

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Shock Top Beer

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Shock Top Beer

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Good knowledge of the beer menu (makes sense for a pub!)

Margaret – I didn’t ask any questions of our server but I am sure she has some knowledge.

Overall dining experience

Chris – A good meal surrounded by several many happy-go-lucky groups – there was a retirement after 36 years, a 50th birthday party, as well as the fundraiser.

Margaret – Pretty good.  I have been here before and enjoyed the meal then as well.

Lower Deck Clayton Park - Entertainment

Lower Deck Clayton Park – Entertainment

Why we chose this place and would we go again?

Chris – Not my first choice, but it’s a nice place, and the food was good.

Margaret – Probably, especially since we want to win the “Chase the Ace” prize.

Closing comments

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