Successful Leadership Requires 6 Critical Resources by Glenn Llopis at Forbes on 5 August 2013.

The author provides six critical resources that you will need to cultivate and use as you grow your leadership skills:

  1. The trust of advisors (critical to help you grow to your potential as quickly as possible).
  2. The knowledge of failure (you must learn from your mistakes – this is where the greatest growth comes from).
  3. The diversity of thought from your team (avoid “groupthink” and expand possibilities).
  4. The fresh perspectives from think-tanks (learn from your equally motivated peers).
  5. The wisdom inherent in unwritten rules (more on this later).
  6. The sound judgement from your instincts (your brain is always working in the background, your “instincts” pick up on key variables that you have learned over time but have not yet had a chance to consciously think about in this particular situation.)

Personally, I don’t like #5.  Unwritten rules vary from organization to organization, and I believe that the path to ideal growth comes from expanding your boundaries.  As well, unwritten rules promote “cliques” – leaders should strive to break down these artificial barriers to get the best performance from everyone.

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