Social Intelligence and the Biology of Leadership by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis at Harvard Business Review (2008).

“Your behavior can energize—or deflate—your entire organization through mood contagion.”

The beginning of the article kept me reading, especially when you consider that leaders set the tone for their organizations.  It discusses how some 360 reviews (assessments by supervisors, peers, and subordinates) have generated actionable feedback for leaders to improve how they communicate – with noticeable results.  The article also provides some social skills that  leaders can improve, and the difference (if any) that gender brings to communicating.

In the section “Followers Mirror Their Leaders – Literally”, the introduce research that demonstrates that the mechanism of delivery can actually be more important than the message you are trying to convey (of course, this is something intuitive to the PowerPoint warriors…)   At this point, the rest of the article is for paid subscribers, but there is more than enough interesting content to make it a worthwhile read.  As a bonus, there is also a ten minute interview with the author, who reinforces and expands on the concepts of the article.

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