Seaside Shanty

Address: 5315 Hwy 3, Chester Basin, NS B0J 1K0, Canada

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Date / Time Visited:  Afternoon of 30 June 2014

Genre: Casual

Meals served: Lunch and Supper

Reservation: No

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – A rustic looking interior, but very clean.  The colours remind me of fishing villages with the bright coloured houses.  What helps sell this location is the beautiful view of Chester Basin.  Makes me feel a little homesick right now!

Margaret –Rustic looking with brightly painted walls.  Local artists artwork on the walls which is nice to see businesses supporting each other.

Seaside Shanty - Interior

Seaside Shanty – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – Friendly and prompt

Margaret – Very pleasant and we were seated in the sunroom area of the restaurant so we had a lovely view.

Menu prices

Chris – At first I thought that it was a little expensive, but that’s before I actually had the food.  There’s definitely value for money here.

Margaret – A little more expensive than I would have expected in this area but the food was certainly worth it.

Seaside Shanty - Menu 1

Seaside Shanty – Menu 1


Chris – For me, this was a happy place with lots of options.  If you’re not into seafood, you can still eat here, but you would have more choices elsewhere.

Margaret – Since it is a restaurant specializing in seafood, of course, the menu reflected that.  There were a few things for the non-seafood lover on the menu and I was quite delighted with my choices.

Seaside Shanty - Menu 2

Seaside Shanty – Menu 2

Smell / look / taste of Tomato Basil Soup and Maple Walnut Greens

Margaret – I had the soup of the day, tomato basil.  I also had a side salad that had greens, maple walnuts, cherry tomatoes (for Chris) tossed in a honey shallot vinaigrette. Quite delicious as was the biscuit.  It was light and flaky and very tasty.

Seaside Shanty - Soup of the Day

Seaside Shanty – Soup of the Day

Smell / look / taste of Seafood Chowder

Chris – It was not a tough call to make at all, even though the other choices looked quite tasty.  Quite simply, this was the best seafood chowder that I had ever tasted!  All of the flavours were rich without being overpowering.  The chunks of lobster were huge!  The chowder also came with the same biscuit that Margaret had.

Seaside Shanty - Seafood Chowder

Seaside Shanty – Seafood Chowder

Seaside Shanty - Lobster Pieces

Seaside Shanty – Lobster Pieces

Smell / look / taste of Pan-Seared Haddock

Chris – A lot of places fry their haddock (ala fish & chips); I’m glad that this one was pan-seared. Perfectly seared, and the lemon dill butter (and slice of lemon) really helped the flavours “pop.”  My salad was the same as Margaret’s, plus I got extra tomatoes!

Seaside Shanty - Pan-Seared Haddock

Seaside Shanty – Pan-Seared Haddock

Smell / look / taste of Ice Cream

Chris – Didn’t need it, but what a great way to cap off the meal on a gorgeous summer day.  Simple vanilla flavor.

Seaside Shanty - Ice Cream

Seaside Shanty – Ice Cream

Why we chose menu items

Chris – It’s rare for me to get seafood at home, so this was a wonderful treat!  I’ve always enjoyed Fridays on board ships – there’s normally seafood options.  I also love lobster.  When I saw the appetizer menu, my choice was evident!  For the main course, it was a bit harder, but I wanted something more simple to offset the richness of the chowder.  Our server made a great recommendation with the haddock.

Margaret – Since I am not a seafood lover (I know, I know, I need to turn in my Maritimer card), I chose some of the few things that weren’t seafood.

Seaside Shanty - Interior 2

Seaside Shanty – Interior 2

Service / wait staff knowledge

Margaret – The hostess was very friendly and quite helpful with Chris when he was making his choices.

Overall dining experience

Chris – A tasty meal in a nice setting.

Margaret – Very pleasant and delicious food

Seaside Shanty - Water View

Seaside Shanty – Water View

Would we go again

Chris – Absolutely.  Even though I like trying new things, I would definitely have the chowder again!

Margaret – Yes, I will.  Next time I am in the neighbourhood, I will drop in.

Closing comments

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