Is your Project Team like a Light Switch…or a Candle? by Gary Nelson at Gazza’s Corner on 24 March 2014

I love Gary’s podcasts on project management since I find them informative and entertaining – he is skilled at weaving a storyline around key leadership and project management points.  This article shines a light (yes, bad pun intended) on how we shouldn’t expect our teams to be like a light switch and simply immediately turn on a full brilliance.  Rather, we should take care of our teams and treat them more like candles (his acronym follows):

  •  Care about your team
  • Ask their opinions about project matters
  • Nurture your team – get to know them personally
  • Develop their skills.
  • Lead, Mentor and Coach them, not just direct or dictate task assignments to them.
  • Engage with the team, one-on-one

This article is also available as an audio podcast – it is really worth the listen!

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