• (CLOSED) Pie Five Pizza Co.

Address: 1645 Briargate Parkway, Ste. 245, Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA

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Date / Time Visited: 5:30PM, 11 November 2016

Genre: Pizza Joint

Meals Served: Lunch / Supper

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description)

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – A nicely decorated pizza parlour, although it was a bit dark for me.  I loved the artwork of their food, plus the periodic table of toppings.  Lots of cute sayings around such as “Hasta la pizza” sign on the way out the door.  Don’t recall hearing music.  Forgot to look for Wi-Fi.

Margaret – It is a cafeteria style set up.  The menu is on the wall, and when you get to order, you can choose as many toppings as you like!!  Heaven!!  I am pretty sure they have wifi but didn’t check it out because you are always telling me not to bother connecting to public wifi.

Pie Five - Artwork

Pie Five – Artwork

Greeting / reception

Chris – Extremely friendly.  Very helpful staff in coming up with menu recommendations.

Margaret – Everyone said hello and chatted with me while I waited for you to find a parking space.

Pie Five - Periodic Table of Toppings

Pie Five – Periodic Table of Toppings

Menu prices

Chris – Very reasonable.  All pizzas at one price point.  Kid-specific size as well.

Margaret – Very reasonable considering you can get what you want on your pizza.  You can get two pizzas for less than the cost of one from other places and you don’t have to ‘fight’ over what kind you want. All pizzas are personal size although for me, I can make 3 meals out of one pizza so really good value.

Pie Five - Menu

Pie Five – Menu


Chris – Mostly pizza, but also some salads, bread sticks (they spell them as “stix”), and three different dessert “pies”

Margaret – I agree with you!

Pie Five - Starting Point

Pie Five – Starting Point

Smell / look / taste of Bacon Cheesy Breadstix

Margaret – I didn’t care for the breadstix.  There was too much cheese and not enough bacon for a carnivore like myself. Don’t’ really understand why you can get dipping sauces for pretty well anything here – don’t you think the menu items should be tasty enough?

Chris – A tasty side dish, although it can always use more bacon (I don’t think you can ever have too much bacon..  A good amount of cheese for me.  The dough was just the right thickness and texture.  It could have used some (more?) garlic butter as a base, but there are also dipping sauces that accompany this dish.  I wanted garlic butter; Margaret wanted ranch.  Once again, our server made it easy – he gave us one of each.

Pie Five - Bacon Cheesy Breadstix

Pie Five – Bacon Cheesy Breadstix

Smell / look / taste of Margaret’s Pizza Creation

Margaret –I had a custom order pizza.  I started with a thin crust and an olive oil sauce with crushed garlic. The toppings I chose were ground beef, bacon, pepperoni and mushrooms.  The pizza was nice although I thought the server was skimpy with the toppings so I will ask for more ingredients next time we visit. After the pizza is cooked, you can add ‘Magic Dust’, a cheese and herb mixture, to the top so I said yes.  Who can say no to cheese??

Pie Five - Margaret Custom Pizza

Pie Five – Margaret Custom Pizza

Smell / look / taste of Chris’ Pizza Creation

Chris – I couldn’t decide between the Buffalo Chicken and the Five Star, so the server suggested that I could do half-and-half – SOLD!  The ingredients are fresh, and the pizza had a wonderful smell.  For the Five star, I thought that the Tuscan Marina sauce simply “disappeared” – I thought that it could have used more “zing”.  I did get a good taste of herbs, especially oregano.  For the Buffalo Chicken – home run.  Margaret was scared to try due to the banana peppers, but I love spicy.  The buffalo ranch sauce – it sounded odd but worked well with the pizza.  Both were topped with “Magic Dust” – not just parmesan, but other cheeses as well. I also had some pop (“soda”?) that comes in the new machines that give you seemingly endless combinations of flavours.

Pie Five - Chris Pizza of Five Star and Buffalo Chicken

Pie Five – Chris Pizza of Five Star and Buffalo Chicken

Why we chose menu items

Chris – I couldn’t decide between the two items, so I ended up with both.  There are other pizza combinations (such as Athenian) that I want to try. Plus, I may want to make my own next time.  I was too full to order dessert, but that chocolate chip “pie” looked mighty tasty…

Margaret – I was adventurous choosing and olive oil sauce but I like my pizzas with meat so not much chance of me changing my choices next time.  Maybe I will try the deep dish crust??

Pie Five - Vegetable station

Pie Five – Vegetable station

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Great understanding of their menu and very flexible with choices.

Margaret – Very friendly and helpful staff and I am glad that we decided to give this pizza joint a try.

Pie Five - Salad and Cookies

Pie Five – Salad and Cookies

Overall dining experience

Chris – Positive.  The staff impressed me, and the food sold me on this restaurant.

Margaret – Very positive and I like the fact we can have our own kind of pizza. Chris doesn’t have to compromise his tastebuds getting what I will eat and he can be more adventurous.

Pie Five - Finishing Station

Pie Five – Finishing Station

Would we go again

Chris – Margaret was on their mailing list; they had a promo of a free pizza for military (serving or veteran).  That’s what brought us here, but everything else you have read or heard will bring me back again.

Margaret – Absolutely!   

Pie Five - Magic Dust

Pie Five – Magic Dust

Closing comments

  • If you have any additional information about this place (Pinterest, Instagram, it’s now closed or changed names), please let us know. This goes double if you’ve eaten here!
  • If you have any comments about the show, you can leave us a comment on the Facebook page, send us an email (details are on the website), or leave us a Speakpipe message (available on either the website of on the left-hand side of the Facebook page.


  • Unfortunately, this restaurant has closed since our review.  Now we need to find a new pizza joint!
Pie Five - Pizza Box

Pie Five – Pizza Box

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