Phillips Andover Girls’ Leadership Debated by Katharine Q. Seelye at the New York Times on 11 April 2013.

Although there are few leadership “nuggets” in this article, I’ve included it here since it is an interesting follow-on to the article about Margaret Thatcher.  Gender issues surrounding leadership are ever-present, and can be seen in the latest generation of schools – even one as prestigious as the Philips Academy (Presidents Bush, Oliver Wendell Holmes, etc.).  This is not the only issue, however – a student named Junius Onome Williams stated: ““Since 1973 there have been only four females, but African-Americans have been admitted since 1865, and we’ve had only three black presidents.”  That’s one century longer than women have been admitted, yet with less successful results.

How are we doing in Canada?  If girls represent roughly half the student population, do they also have half of the leadership positions in the student council?  In my daughter’s school, I think they’ve managed to find a way around the problem – they have both a Head Boy and a Head Girl.

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