Why Pepsi’s CEO Writes To Her Employees’ Parents by Kevin Kruse at Forbes on 6 February 2014.

Providing feedback to our followers is important.  What I found interesting about this article is that the leader in this case (PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi) decided to expand the scope of the feedback to include the parents of her employees.  I like the aspect that it provides positive feedback from multiple angles (assuming that the parents tell their daughters/sons how proud they are that their boss thought enough of them to call), increasing the impact of that feedback.

I’m not convinced, however, that calling a candidate’s mom to get someone to become an employee is the best approach.  Yes, it’s innovative, but I’m not sure that you would get the same level of engagement that you would otherwise have if you were to get the candidate to join the company (or organization) on their own terms.  Finally, from a work perspective, there’s a difference from having the person invite their family to a ceremony and reaching out directly to the family – would this be crossing the line between work and personal life?  Let me know your thoughts.

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