(CLOSED) PB & Jellies New York Deli

Address: 1710 Briargate Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO, USA (Chapel Hills Mall)

Social Media: Closed on 10 July 2016

Date / Time Visited:  5:24PM on 12 February 2016

Genre: Fast Food / deli

Meals Served: Lunch / Supper

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – It’s a food court…

Margaret – This restaurant is located in a food court of the Chapel Hills Mall and looks like a typical food court.  It is at one end of the semi-circular food court, near the stairs.  There were a few tables that could be used by the restaurant’s patrons.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Sandwich Menu Board

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Sandwich Menu Board

Greeting / reception

Chris – I always have an issue with someone answering the phone when I’m there in person, especially once I’ve begun the ordering process.  It feels rude.

Margaret – To be honest, not that great.  We were greeted by a girl, then she took a phone call and a boy took over.  He might have been new because he was unsure how to ring up our order.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Peanut Butter Menu Board

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Peanut Butter Menu Board

Menu prices

Chris – I’m not convinced that the value is there, at least for the sandwich I ended up getting…

Margaret – I thought the prices were high for sandwiches.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Various Peanut Butters

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Various Peanut Butter Flavours


Chris – Lots of different displays of various peanut butter flavours (regular, white chocolate, honey maple, cookies and cream, chocolate) and jellies (grape, strawberry) for sale, and even some store brand advertising.

Margaret – Not a huge variety of deli sandwiches but there was about 10 different kinds of PB sandwiches and over 30 varieties of milkshakes.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Various Jelly Flavours

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Various Jelly Flavours

Smell / look / taste of Ham NY ½ Pound Deli Sandwich

Chris – $10 for a ham sandwich (when you factor in the tax)?  Okay, so it’s got provolone cheese (as requested by Margaret) and it comes with a bag of chips, but still…  The ingredients (especially the meat) were so thin on the sandwich (I doubt that it was a ½ pound) that I simply can’t see the value.  If it was the best darn sandwich in the world – okay, but Margaret easily makes better without even trying.  At least there were four different kinds of bread available – white, wheat, light rye, and gluten free.

Margaret – The sandwich was okay although a little dry for my taste.  I like a spread of some kind on my sandwich so it could have used mayonnaise.  It was ham on bread with some cheese.  I chose not to add the lettuce and tomato but I didn’t get the slaw that was supposed to accompany the sandwich so I was disappointed in that.  I did get a New York dill pickle but don’t really know what makes it so special that it has its own ‘name’.  It was okay and coming from someone who likes dill pickles, that is not a good review!

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Ham New York 1/2-pound Deli Sandwich

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Ham New York 1/2-pound Deli Sandwich

Smell / look / taste of Peanut Butter Cup

Chris – I ended up getting the Peanut Butter Cup, which is a sandwich that combines Nutella and peanut butter on some bread.  I chose the light rye bread (I find white boring), and chose the Pad Thai peanut butter – I love Pad Thai!  This made for such a rich and sweet combination that it was difficult to finish – I wouldn’t have finished except that I was hungry.  What was really tasty for me was the light rye bread – it had a fairly strong rye flavour, which helped offset the seriously sweet filling.  I can see kids really liking this sandwich on white bread.

Margaret – I didn’t taste Chris’ choice but it I didn’t think the look of it was nice.  It wasn’t toasted to the edge of the bread so it did not meet my standards of toasted-ness.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Peanut Butter Cup Sandwich

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Here’s the thing – what I got is not what I had ordered!  I had wanted “The Peanut Butter Dog,” which you can see on the picture of the sandwich menu board.  I guess that I must have had a really strong accent that day, since the staff heard “Peanut Butter Cup.”  I should have realized that something was up when I was asked what kind of bread that I wanted, but I just thought that they had an assortment of hot dog buns (I’m not going to lie – I thought that this was brilliant!)  I was very surprised when our meal came out and I didn’t see anything hotdog-shaped.  Since we had to leave fairly quickly, I simply chose to eat what I had been presented.  Also, I’m surprised that Margaret didn’t go for a milkshake.

Margaret – Since I am not a huge fan of PB, I decided to stick to something familiar.

PB & Jellies New York Deli - Boulder Canyon Chips

PB & Jellies New York Deli – Boulder Canyon Chips

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Okay – I get that I might have been misunderstood.  What I don’t get is that I had seen a sign that had stated free coffee on Fridays – you can see it as a special right above the staff door (see picture).  I was nevertheless charged for it, until I queried the charge.  It took getting the original staff member to come back and say, “No, it’s free today.”

Margaret – Since Chris didn’t get what he ordered, I suspect the staff knowledge is lacking right now.

Overall dining experience

Chris – The dining itself was rather non-descript – it’s a food court.  It was fun, however, seeing a magician setting up a few tables for what looked to be a kid’s birthday party.

Margaret – It was okay.  It’s a food court restaurant so nothing special about it.

Would we go again

Chris – No.  I had high hopes for this restaurant, as I do for every restaurant.  After all, I’m spending my money and sacrificing my taste buds.  The experience didn’t start well, and I think it went downhill from there.  Perhaps on another day, or if my order was correct, I might be tempted to go back.  But, alas, no.

Margaret – No, I wouldn’t go back.  I thought the prices were high and the taste of the food didn’t make me want to order there again.

Closing comments

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