NHS needs clinical leaders at all levels by Stephen Brooks at The Guardian on 3 July 2013

An article that looks at leadership failures in the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), as observed in the Francis Report. I did debate whether I would mention this article, but ultimately I thought that I would bring up for discussion.

One of the aspects being talked about is the need for leadership at mid – to senior-level managers – nothing really new here. What I did pick up on is that the organization,

“…should work with royal colleges, universities and medical schools to build leadership skills into the initial professional training. It should be built around the core NHS values and ensure that newly qualified professionals start with skills they can build on as their careers develop.”

Militaries do this with their officer corps – they are given people to lead almost immediately after basic training, so it makes sense to teach leadership from the very start. Not everyone, however, immediately becomes a leader after training – does it apply in this case here? I can see lessons on core values, ethics, competencies, etc. as part of cultural integration, but leadership competencies?

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