Mama B’s Kitchen

Address: 512 W Byers Ave, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

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Date / Time Visited:  5:30PM on 26 January 2016

Genre: Family / Home / American Diner

Meals Served: Lunch, Dinner

Reservation: No

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / Wi-Fi

Chris – Five tables available.  Felt like a new restaurant.  Wi-Fi signal available (not tested).  Chrome elephant by our table was a good sign.  Also saw high chairs for children.

Margaret – Small house at one time.  Kitchen counter with several stools.  Still looked like it had Christmas decorations.  Music was “on demand” (CDs).

Mama B's Kitchen - Interior

Mama B’s Kitchen – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – Very friendly – everyone says hello

Margaret – Felt like “Cheers” – very friendly

Mama B's Kitchen - Artwork

Mama B’s Kitchen – Artwork

Menu prices

Chris – It may be a dollar or two higher per item than other areas (but still not bad at all)

Margaret – A little bit high for the genre (the rate of exchange is not good right now)

Mama B's Kitchen - Menu

Mama B’s Kitchen – Menu


Chris – One-page menu – I preferred it (not overwhelmed by choice) and all home-cooked meal selections

Margaret – Agree

Smell / look / taste of Garden Salad

Chris – Had this instead of fries.  Loved the option of having balsamic vinaigrette as the dressing.  A different selection of tomato presentation.

Margaret – Ranch dressing tasted like it had buttermilk.

Mama B's Kitchen - Garden Salad

Mama B’s Kitchen – Garden Salad

Smell / look / taste of Meat Loaf / Green Beans / Smashed Potatoes (and Hot Chocolate)

Chris – I liked it – the meatloaf tasted very “light.”  Smashed potatoes were tasty as well.

Margaret – Meatloaf was moist, didn’t hold together, and had a different taste (due to buttermilk).  Also found little bone pieces – was worried that it was my teeth!  Potatoes were “smashed” not “mashed”.  The mild gravy did not have a strong taste.  Green beans were nice.  Hot chocolate was nice since it was really cold outside.

Mama B's Kitchen - Meatloaf and Smashed Potatoes

Mama B’s Kitchen – Meatloaf and Smashed Potatoes

Smell / look / taste of Sloppy Joes

Chris – Not very sloppy (more like slightly unkempt) on top of a really tasty bun.  The meat was tasty and VERY spicy – tasted a lot like green chili.  A much drier texture than the standard Bolognese variety.

Margaret – Didn’t try – would have been too spicy for me.

Mama B's Kitchen - Sloppy Joes

Mama B’s Kitchen – Sloppy Joes

Why we chose menu items

Chris – I haven’t had Sloppy Joes in a while

Margaret – That’s what appealed to us at the time.

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Very eager to please.  My root beer glass never had the chance to get empty.  The lady at the counter is the one who mentioned the special.

Margaret – Good, very friendly, must have come back five times to see if we were ready.

Mama B's Kitchen - Ice Skates for Sale

Mama B’s Kitchen – Ice Skates for Sale

Overall dining experience

Chris – Nice meal at a family restaurant.  Really liked the family food aspect – it was like Mama B invited you herself.

Margaret – Pleasant atmosphere, the food was filling and good.

Mama B's Kitchen - Chrome Elephant

Mama B’s Kitchen – Chrome Elephant

Would we go again

Chris – I think so – I also want to try the apple brine pork chops.  Lots of stuff for kids, too!

Margaret – Probably.

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