“Leading Through Uncertainty” by Jennifer Onley at Elumn8 on 11 December 2013

Being a leader during uncertain times can be a daunting and challenging task – the author provides her five leadership rules in this situation:

  • Share knowledge – give people as much information as you can
  • “I don’t know”  – you’re human – admit when you don’t know something.
  • Don’t BS
  • Ask for feedback/input (no one person has all the ideas/answers)
  • Keep in touch, stay engaged – this links to the first point.  Don’t just communicate once and “disappear” – keep people informed.

For “I don’t know”, I would have liked to have seen the author expand this point to include what you are going to do to get out of the situation.  Is there a resource that you can use? People you can speak to (not just the ones in the situation?  If I said “I don’t know” and stopped there, would I be increasing the team’s worry?  I know that the fourth part alludes to some of these aspects, but not completely.

(Original article has been deleted)

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