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Diagnosing Desirable Delegation

Delegating Purpose I recently came across a blog post titled, "How to Delegate Purpose in Your Organization" by Tanveer Nasseer.  I think Tanveer is a brilliant writer and leader; his interview on the Voices of Canadian Leadership podcast can be found here.  Many...

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Defining Leadership

Defining leadership can be difficult.  Perhaps the most important principle that identifies a person as a leader is that they have followers. These followers can come from a wide variety of sources: They are people who you have hired They can be those assigned to you...

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Scents of Leadership

As I write this article, the smell of a new perfume subtly impacts my consciousness.  It is a smell that should be foreign, and yet at the same time is very familiar to me.  Normally I would not include this particular level of detail, but today is the first day that...

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A conversation with Daniel Fay

I had a great meeting with Daniel Fay earlier this week - I love discussing leadership!  Daniel is a co-owner of Brendaniels Productions Corp. and is a fellow Project Management Professional  (PMP) in the Halifax, Nova Scotia area. It was interesting to see how much...

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A Conversation with David Barrett

I just had a great conversation with David Barrett - he is an excellent speaker on the subject of leadership.  I first met David as he introduced the Master's Certificate in Project Management that I took at Saint Mary's University in 2010.  I also met with David when...

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VOCL 012 – Our First Day in Moncton, New Brunswick – Canada’s Most Polite and Honest City

Show Summary: The NB Study Group’s 7th day on the road as part of the 2012 Governor General’s Canadian Leadership Conference.  Places visited included Neguac, Kouchibouguac, and Moncton. Intro Hi there!  Welcome to the 12th episode of the Voices of Canadian Leadership...

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