The leadership wisdom of Margaret Thatcher by James Adonis at on 12 April 2013.

Article based on several Margaret Thatcher quotes.  One part is focused on findings from the Centre for Creative Leadership where the researchers concluded with the three ideal forms of power:

  • The power of relationships requires leaders to build meaningful connections by developing trust and seeking understanding.

  • The power of information necessitates effective communication by sharing new knowledge and discarding irrelevant data.

  • The power to reward others highlights the need to provide positive feedback and to compensate people for their efforts.

The author closes the article by stating that

“In 2011, the Harvard Business Review published the findings of a study of 7000 leaders, which revealed women outperformed men in 15 out of 16 leadership competencies. And the margin was substantial in 12 of those.”

If this is the case, why are Canadian women under-represented in leadership positions across the country?

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