Why Leadership Training Doesn’t Work by Erika Anderson at Forbes on 21 June 2013

The title of the article is a bit of a misnomer – leadership training is actually only the first part of becoming a better leader.  The author uses the analogy of her granddaughter learning how to put on socks and shoes.  Becoming aware of the benefits of leadership (or socks and shoes) is the first step, but for that training to become effective it must be followed by some other steps:


  • You must think through and understand WHY those skills will be of benefit
  • You have to see the desired behaviour in action, or deconstruct your own actions when things have gone well
  • You must think through various situations (mental rehearsals)
  • Finally, you should try the process in various situations, starting with those situations involving low risk


Think about your business training (or even the things you learned when growing up, such as riding a bike) – what strategies did you use and were they successful?
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