Leadership Role Models for Our Children by Dr. Robert Tornambe at Huffington Post on 10 December 2014.

An article to highlight that leadership can be found everywhere, not just in the (social) media. To offer some context, the author was asked by his child’s school to take part in a leadership panel composed of several parents from different walks of life – in other words, the community. He mentions that he learned much about leadership during this forum, especially about finding and learning from role models. Where do you find these people, though?

The answer lies in the community. Yes, there will always be leadership gurus, large-stage leaders such as political figures and business icons, etc., but these may not always be available. What you should strive to find are leaders in your own neighbourhood – there are likely many examples if you simply look for them (such as teachers, fire chiefs, neighbourhood people who seem to be able to rally people around a cause, etc.).

I’ll close with three action points that you really need to take from this article:

  1. If you have kids (whether your own or through your responsibilities), you will be teaching them about what it is to be a leader by telling them what to look for in their community. Their research will help reinforce those lessons.
  2. The same goes for you as well! Try to find those leaders in your community, and see what makes them effective. Make these admirable traits part of your personality.
  3. BE the person that someone else would find as a community leader! Or, as Gandhi stated, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”
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