Leadership needs a human touch by Anita Bandyopadhyay at Business Standard on 30 December 2013.

I always appreciate people writing articles on the subject of leadership – it is a topic that interests me very much. Unfortunately, this is an article that misuses leadership in the title. For me, this article is about management, metrics and processes. Perhaps what I found to be most interesting was not the article itself, but rather the two comments on the article. The first comment by Hans Dholakia is largely supportive of the article – the first line reads “This is a very mature and insightful article.” The second comment by Ben Simonton is just the opposite, “Anita, you tell us that Leadership needs a human touch and then talk about setting up interfunctional processes. Is that really a human touch?” Personally, I am more closely aligned with Ben Simonton’s views – if you offer your vision and give people the tools and authority necessary to carry out the vision, then you are far more likely to get the effort and results that you want – people may even exceed your expectations!

Articles are good to read on their own, but where I find the greatest value is in the discussions surrounding an article. If you have a view to offer, whether on VOCL or any other topic, please do so – you are doing everyone a favour.

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