Leadership Lessons From Scrooge by Pat Cormier at Forbes on 18 December 2013.

The author discusses how the leader’s personal perspectives can have a negative impact on the team, just like the Scrooge’s interactions with Bob Cratchit.

  • Entitlement – what a person has a right to, or believes that they have a right to
  • Belief – a person’s perception, which is coloured by a lifetime of experiences, self-talk, values, etc, (ever notice that if you can’t do something, it is because of unfortunate circumstances, but if someone else can’t do the same thing it is due to a character flaw?)
  • Perspective – try to imagine yourself in the other person’s shoes – what does a particular situation look like for them?

I like the Scrooge analogy, but you can draw further parallels. Although the article raises three points, the author does not attempt to link them to the spirits in Charles Dickens’ storyline.  With a little imagination:

  • “Belief” is based on your past experiences – Ghost of Christmas Past
  • “Entitlement” is what you have earned, or believe you have earned today – Ghost of Christmas Present
  • “Perspective” is what you need to use to avoid a bleak future – Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

You cannot change the past, but you can change how you behave today and make sure that everyone has a brighter future.

This article didn’t really speak to me, but I want to make sure that I cover a range of views.

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