Leadership Experts With Chatsworth Consulting Unveil Five Ways for New Leaders to Create Success in the New Year, a Press Release at PRWeb on 16 December 2013.

A short article put out on leadership success as a press release; it’s their #5 tip that kept me reading.  The list goes in descending order from 5 to 1, so I’ll present them in that same order here:

  • Catch people doing great things – and celebrate them
  • Be present
  • Put development first
  • Create a vision
  • Listen

There’s nothing new in this article, but they are key points to keep in mind all the time, not just as a resolution after the holidays.

Doing great things – youth soccer analogy.  Giving praise to a player doing the skill correctly provides a model to emulate, plus drives behavior – most people enjoy praise.

Put development first – the fact that you are reading / listening to leadership articles is indicative that you value personal development.

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