Leadership Is About Emotion by Meghan M. Biro at Forbes on 15 December 2013.

The author asks who you admire about leaders, and then to consider why that is – chances are that they affect you on an emotional level.  She then offers some areas for leaders to develop their skills so that they can become an inspirational leader:

  • Emotional intelligence – being able to understand people
  • Continuous learning – making sure that you develop yourself
  • Being able to contextualize
  • Let go – don’t be a “helicopter manager”
  • Honesty – people want to believe in their leaders
  • Kindness and respect – there may be times that you may have to be unkind (e.g., a harsh review”), but is always done with respect.
  • Collaboration – get people to buy in to your vision
  • Partner with your people – help them develop to their potential
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