Leadership 101 for Professionals (and Anthony Weiner) by Jeremy Kingsley at Fox Business on 1 August 2013

This article highlights the importance of integrity in your personal life as well as in your business life.  The author commends people remember four things about integrity:

  1. People follow people of integrity.

  2. Leaders and companies with integrity have fewer crises than those without.

  3. People don’t often quit on organizations, but they do quit on people.

  4. A person of integrity knows the right thing, says the right thing, and does the right thing.”

I’m not convinced about number 4 – you may not always know exactly what to do (the world is rarely black or white).  If a course of action doesn’t sit quite right with you, then perhaps it’s not the right choice and you should try to expand the possible courses of action.  Personally, I use what some call the “Globe and Mail test” – would you be able to justify your actions if they were printed in the newspaper?

(Original link has been deleted)

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