Leadership 101: How Doing Nothing Makes You A Better Leader by Jan Bruce at Forbes on 8 Apr 14

No, you can’t be a leader by doing nothing – the somewhat misleading title would have you set aside a few periods for “doing nothing” (e.g., not checking emails) and spending that time “daydreaming, musing, creative visioning…”.  This gets you back to the core of why you became a leader of your particular organization or group in the first place.  The following tips are provided:

  • Stop being busy (easier said than done)
  • Clear the decks (sometimes going back to first principles can help you prioritize your time doing what you NEED to be doing)
  • Question your calendar (why is that appointment there?)
  • Daydream (set aside some time to visualize)
  • Do nothing somewhere else (sometimes you need to get away – this is NOT meant to justify a two-week trip to Maui (or does it…))
  • Try not solving just reviewing (complex problems may need some extra time to ponder)
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