Why a leader says ‘Let’s go’ by Sam Geist at Globe & Mail on 12 December 2013.

The article asks the reader to ponder whether they are a leader, or a boss.  Some of the traits of a leader that sets them above being simply a boss:

  • A leader shares a vision
  • A leader enables
  • A leaders gives gifts
  • A leader builds
  • A leader is fearless
  • A leaders sees himself in the mirror (I’m sure this was meant to be gender neutral)

I’m not sure I like the word fearless – that implies that you are absent of fear.  This may lead to a reckless approach that doesn’t consider all of the facts.  I would prefer to use the word confident – you may have concerns, but you are aware of them and are taking appropriate action moving forward.  Would you follow a fearless leader, or a confident one?

Finally, I have to provide my favourite quote from the article – the second part really struck a chord with me:

“Good leaders give their people small gifts – tickets to a ball game, a free lunch, a day off. Great leaders give their people big gifts – space to grow, exhilarating challenges, trust, recognition and empowerment.”

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