Irving Big Stop

Address: 6757 HWY 2, Exit 7, Enfield, Nova Scotia

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  • Website: Irving Store Locations (it’s not really a website about the Enfield Big Stop, but you can find all of the Big Stop locations there)

Date / Time Visited:  8:30 AM on 10 May 2015

Genre: Diner

Reservation: Nil (but could have needed one on Mother’s Day!)

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – Recently decorated, big fireplace, tall ceilings, warm colours, banquet room to the side.  I don’t recall music playing.

Margaret – They have wifi!  Truck stop diner feel, family friendly and noisy.  IQ games on the table.

Irving Big Stop - Interior

Irving Big Stop – Interior

Greeting / reception

Margaret – Very friendly, with two greeters, plus the waitress.  Handled by many people.  Felt like a community place.

Menu prices

Chris – Very reasonably priced, especially when looking at the quantity of food served.  Perhaps underpriced.

Margaret – Standard prices.


Chris – Burgers, fries, hot sandwiches, even lobster rolls.

Margaret – They even have pizza – that’s new.  The menu has been recently updated to include more choices.

Smell / look / taste of Longhauler

Chris – 2 eggs (over easy), home fries, sausages, bacon, bologna, and thick whole wheat texas toast.  Sausages okay (kinda cheap), good bologna, the home fries were crispy and tasty.  Lots of jams, jellies and peanut butter.  My favourite – the endless cup of coffee!

Margaret – I loved the bacon…

Irving Big Stop - Breakfast Meals of pancake, french toast, and Long Hauler

Irving Big Stop – Breakfast Meals of pancake, french toast, and Long Hauler

Smell / look / taste of French Toast with Pancakes on the Side

Margaret – Chocolate milkshake (although the container had some chocolate milkshake on the outside, too – yuck and sticky!).  Let’s just say that the meal was HUGE!  The pancake was the size of a dinner plate and the French Toast was three slices of Texas Toast.  And this was the senior size!  Pancakes good, but French Toast could have used some more flavours in their batter (or different oil).

Why we chose menu items

Chris – We were in the mood for brunch, but we could have had steak or something else.  I wanted a variety of tastes.

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Service was good and frequent, especially on such a busy day.

Overall dining experience

Chris – Nice experience

Margaret – Chris is such a big spender…  All mothers were given a carnation – nice touch!

Would we go again

Chris – Yes

Margaret – Of course (especially for the delicious chocolate milkshakes.)

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