The High Price Of Aloof Leadership by Jack Zenger at Forbes on 27 December 2013.

A quick article warning on the perils of keeping yourself at arm’s-length from your followers.  Interestingly, the first example he gives of being aloof is that of the military.  Although being aloof may be true in some branches in some militaries, it does not apply to all.  My service in submarines (both Canada and Australia) would give many examples where the author’s statement is false.  Yes, you can have friendly relationships AND still be the leader – in my experience, the hierarchy is still there, but there is much more camaraderie than imagined.

Having said that, I highly agree with the overall concept of the article.  Some of the greatest success that the team and I have seen is when I’ve empowered the team by switching to a collegial approach –the team still knew who the leader was, and they did not cross an imaginary “barrier”.  Finally, I must agree with the author on the segment on the creation of the presentation – I too have been part of a group generating many revisions in terms of getting the strategic messaging just right.  In the end, the value of the end product must ultimately exceed the value of the time and effort placed into the product (in this case, the presentation) – if not, ask why.

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