Habaneros Modern Taco Bar (Gecko Bus)

Address: 380 Pleasant St. & 600 Windmill Rd, Dartmouth, NS.  It’s mobile – we saw it at Kent’s Building Supplies in Bayers Lake.

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Date/Time Visited:  1:30PM on 13 April 2014

Genre: Mexican Fusion / Take out

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / WIFI

Chris – A bus that has been decorated with welded metal and paint to resemble a gecko.  Even the license plate matched the decor.  Tall enough to stand inside, nicely decorated interior that has a Mexican feel to it.  Customers come in through the bus door, then order at the back of the bus.  Counter a bit like Subway – fresh ingredients!

Margaret – Eye-catching location. Not like any school bus.

Charlotte – Looked “exactamundo” like a gecko.

Gecko Bus - Tail View

Gecko Bus – Tail View

Greeting / reception

Chris – Very welcoming – all three staff at the back.  One cash, one background prep, one counter.

Margaret – Too busy taking pictures – such a neat bus!

Gecko Bus - Side View

Gecko Bus – Side View

Menu prices

Chris – Very reasonable considering the quality / freshness of the ingredients.  Comparable to a subway. Under $10

Margaret – Pretty good.

Gecko Bus - Menu

Gecko Bus – Menu


Chris – Tacos (soft/ hard / duo), burritos, burrito bowls (small or large).  Meat choices included beef, chicken, or pulled pork

Margaret –

Gecko Bus - Condiment Selection

Gecko Bus – Condiment Selection

Smell / look / taste of Burrito Bowl

Chris – smelled fresh – loved the cilantro.  What I loved was the attention to detail in putting the bowl together – you could tell that they wanted it to look as pretty as possible.  I had mine with pretty much everything – it was a rainbow of taste.  The spicy rice was nice, the pulled pork was sweet with a hint of smoke, and the jalapeños (fresh and “jar”) made it nice and spicy.  The cilantro added a nice counter-taste, and the mango chipotle sour cream was the perfect complement.

Gecko Bus - Burrito Bowl

Gecko Bus – Burrito Bowl

Smell / look / taste of Soft taco

Margaret – ordered 1, could have probably eaten 2 (at least 1.5) since they are a little small.  Tasty chicken and green onions with a little bit of cheese  Mango mayonnaise – couldn’t really tell since there are so many flavours.  Included refried beans.

Gecko Bus - Hard and Soft Shell Tacos

Gecko Bus – Hard and Soft Shell Tacos

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Staff recommendation

Gecko Bus - Inside Decorations

Gecko Bus – Inside Decorations

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – They knew their products, and were able to recommend complementary ingredients.

Margaret – Good knowledge of product, maximized use of limited menu.

Gecko Bus - Driving Station

Gecko Bus – Driving Station

Overall dining experience

Chris – Food truck – you either eat in the car, at a picnic table if there is one nearby, or take it home – the ambiance is where you find it.  Having said that, you will have a fantastic meal wherever you end up eating this food.

Margaret – Good.  A novel idea to turn a school bus into a food truck.

Gecko Bus - Sweet Lips

Gecko Bus – Sweet Lips

Would we go again

Chris – Absolutely!

Margaret – Yes.

Charlotte – Yes.

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