A Global Leader’s Perspective On CEO Leadership by Kevin Cashman at Forbes on 18 April 2013.

The focus of this article is on the interconnection of management and leadership in global business.  First in a two part series of the author’s interview with Dr. Daniel Vasella, the 17-year chair and CEO of Novartis.

Part two of the interview is found here.  My favourite quote is:

“Capabilities required of CEO leaders, including: intellectual sophistication; the desire and capacity for new learning; “not being conventional”; and empathy as a force for engaging others.” “Vasella: In addition to developing a clear purpose, vision, values for the organization and building the core capabilities of the organization, one must have the capability to remain calm and functional in the center of a hurricane.”…”The feeling you must transmit is, “you can do more than you believe, achieve more than you dream.” When people internalize that feeling, it creates a huge sense of achievable success.”


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