At this point in time, the website and content of is not a business; rather, it is meant as a resource for leadership thoughts, geocaching videos, etc.  I’m not even sure that it will EVER become a business!  I do use the website as part of my personal learning process should I ever decide to go into business for myself, or for someone else.  That’s why you will see elements of website design, podcasting, copywriting, email opt-ins, email campaigns, social media, etc. – these are all part of running a successful online business.  I know that I have many people from around the world interested in the content that provides (especially geocaching) so I have to keep track of global IT-related trends.  One of these is an email that you would have likely received many emails about – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented by the European Union (EU).  To sum, this applies to anyone who is in the EU, sells to the EU, or has a client/email recipient in the EU.  In today’s global market, that means pretty much every website and email list!

What does this mean to you as a user of  Essentially, you will notice very little difference.  I have added a “legal-ese” privacy policy page (aligned with the GDPR) that you can read at  I will be editing my email forms and opt-in pages to point out the privacy policy to ensure that I have your consent.  Now let me boil this down to what I hope is clear and as plain language as possible.  What HAS NOT changed is how I deal with your data – I haven’t done/don’t do/won’t do anything with it that I wouldn’t want other websites to do with MY data.  If I collect your email address, it is because you have asked me to send you emails.  If I collect your name, it is so that I can address you by name.  If I ask for your geocaching abilities, it is so that I can better understand who is using the website and as such tailor the content to you.  If you ask a non-personal question, I will likely turn it into a video to answer the question that you have asked and to pre-answer anyone else thinking about that question.  I hope that you get my point; any data gathering that does occur is designed so that I can provide a better user experience for you.

With so many privacy issues going on these days, I can understand why people would be nervous – I am cautious myself.  That’s also one of the reasons that the EU is implementing the GDPR.  If at any point you have concerns, please contact me at  If you don’t think that I am protecting your data enough, or wish to leave the emails just in case – no problems!  Just hit the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email – you will disappear from my mailing list with no hard feelings and my best wishes for you moving forward in life.

I thank you for your time and continued support of


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