Gamification In Leadership Development: How Companies Use Gaming To Build Their Leader Pipeline by Jeanne Meister at Forbes on 30 September 2013 Can playing a game make you a better leader?  This article features two companies that are investing money and getting desired results.  Playing Candy Crush won’t make you a better leader (darn!) but getting your employees to play a leadership game specifically aligned to your organization’s core values has shown from very interesting results, plus it has the potential to increase job satisfaction – a win-win situation.  Although the cost of developing such a program is not discussed, some of the metrics attributed to this program make it seem highly likely that these initiatives made money for their organizations.  Finally, the article offers some lessons on implementing gamification in the workplace:

  • Think strategy first (why are you doing this?)
  • Creating the right environment (you need to understand your followers and tailor the games to them)
  • Use design thinking before you build or buy (make sure that you get what you need)
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