(CLOSED) Fu-Sing (or Fu-Xing) Restaurant (or Garden)

Address: 1641 Fremont Dr, Cañon City, CO 81212

Social Media:

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Date Time Visited:  3:30PM on 26 October 2015

Genre: Asian

Meals Served: Lunch / Supper

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance / description of place / music / Wi-Fi

Chris – Felt like a standard North American-Chinese restaurant – it even had the waving kitty.  Don’t recall music, but I know that there was Wi-Fi.

Margaret – The interior was pretty plain.  It had red painted walls and some Asian art on the walls.  The kitchen was visible from the door and where we were seated and it was quite small.  With such a large menu, I would have thought the cooks needed more space.

Fu-Sing - Interior

Fu-Sing – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – Very friendly, yet it felt like a one-man-band for the house.

Margaret – We were greeted by the guy who turned out to be our waiter and he also did some of the food prep.

Fu-Sing - Interior

Fu-Sing – Interior

Menu prices

Chris –  I think the prices were reasonable and comparable to other Chinese food establishments.

Margaret – Very reasonable for the amount of food we received.

Fu-Sing - Menu Front

Fu-Sing – Menu Front


Chris – Wow – so many choices!  I always feel overwhelmed at all of the various combinations, and regardless of how well I choose I always feel like I’m missing out on something amazing…

Margaret – The menu is large and it was hard making a choice.  There were many combination plates available and each came with 3 or four appetizers.

Fu-Sing - Appetizers Menu

Fu-Sing – Appetizers Menu

Fu-Sing - Dinner Specials

Fu-Sing – Dinner Specials

Smell / look / taste of egg drop soup / hot and sour soup

Chris – Okay – Margaret has done an amazing job of describing this.  For me, I really liked the hot and sour soup – the name says it all.  I was not a fan of the egg drop soup.

Margaret – The egg drop soup was not what I expected although it looked exactly like it should have – an egg dropped in hot broth.  I was trying to be adventurous and try something new but this was not a good choice for me.  I am sure that it was cooked to perfection but I just couldn’t eat it.  The texture was jelly like and really unpleasant to me.  If only you could see the face I am making right now!  I don’t want to deter anyone else from trying this so give it a try, you might like it.

Fu-Sing - Egg Drop Soup & Hot and Sour Soup

Fu-Sing – Egg Drop Soup & Hot and Sour Soup

Smell / look / taste of appetizers (butterfly shrimp, spring rolls, chicken wings, crab cheese wontons, pork fried wontons)

Chris – Okay – way too many appetizers for two people but we just didn’t want to miss out on anything (we had lots of doggy bags for eating the next day.)  The shrimp tasted, well, shrimpy, but the batter had a nice texture.  I had expected more of a thin tempura, but it paired well with the shrimp.  I’d have to agree with Margaret that the pork fried wontons were good, but I was especially glad that I had the crab cheese wontons all to myself.  For me, it tasted like a crab salad (the kind with mayonnaise) inside of a fried wonton – a very rich yet tasty treat.

Margaret – Of the appetizers, I ate the spring rolls, chicken wings and pork fried wontons.  As you might have guessed, I do not eat seafood on purpose!  I know, I know, I am a terrible Maritimer.  The spring rolls had a delicate shell around the filling and they were delicious.  I suspect we got the first order of the day because they tasted so fresh.  The chicken wings were dry roasted with a salty seasoning and I enjoyed eating them.  The pork fried wontons, I ordered separately just because I like them.  They were tasty, crispy and perfectly cooked although in hindsight, I shouldn’t have ordered them because our main order was so large and I had more than enough food.

Fu-Sing - Appetizers

Fu-Sing – Appetizers

Smell / look / taste of sweet & sour chicken & white rice

Chris – OMG.  I only had a little bit of this (it was, after all, Margaret’s dish), but I know that she chose well.  I would come back just for this!

Margaret – The S&S chicken was delicious.  The coating was crispy, the chicken moist and hot and the sauce was a nice complement to the dish.  I forgot to ask what kind it was but I thought it was a plum sauce.  I could do without the green peppers that were added to the dish but they, along with the carrots, did make the plate look pretty.  I like white rice so I had the steamed rice to accompany the main dish.

Fu-Sing - Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice (fried rice at top, plain at the bottom)

Fu-Sing – Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice (fried rice at top, plain at the bottom)

Smell / look / taste of Mongolian pork & fried rice

Chris – Take a look at the pictures and tell me you wouldn’t be salivating over this dish!  I love Mongolian BBQs and this pork had a very similar taste, yet much spicier.  Of course, if you like spice there are plenty of condiments available to you.  When paired with perfectly stir-fried noodles and fresh vegetables, the combination is superb.  At this point I started regretting having had appetizers – I wanted more of this dish!  The fried rice was a bit of a disappointment sine I was expecting something else thrown in for colour, flavor, or texture.  Nope – just rice that has been fried (at least there’s no false advertising here.)

Margaret –  I got to have a little taste, and I mean little taste, of Chris’ pork.  The pork was tender and very tasty.  He doesn’t like to share so I had to ‘steal’ a bite from him!!

Fu-Sing - Mongolian Pork

Fu-Sing – Mongolian Pork

Why we chose menu items

Chris – As soon as I saw the word Mongolian, I was hooked – I love the strong combination of flavours!

Margaret – We ordered from the set menu selection, the Family Dinner Specials.  I chose B3.  If you look at the menu picture you can see some of the choices we had.  I chose mine because I like S&S chicken and the extra appetizers that came with it were a nice chance to try new things without having to buy an entire order of each.  I would actually call them amuse bouche not appetizers because they were a bonus that came with my main meal.

Fu-Sing - Mongolian Pork Chilies

Fu-Sing – Mongolian Pork Chilies

Service / wait staff knowledge

Chris – Our server was great!

Margaret – The young man who waited on us was very knowledgeable about the menu items.  He was able to answer our questions about the menu items quite easily and he didn’t have to consult with anyone else to get the answers.

Fu-Sing - Sauces

Fu-Sing – Sauces

Overall dining experience

Chris – Wow – I was very happy to have stopped in here.  You’ll see why in the next section…

Margaret – It was quite pleasant.  The service was quick, mind you we were the only ones in the restaurant at that time (3pm) and the food was hot and tasty.  There was a lot of food so we ended up taking doggy bags home and having meals the next day.

Would we go again

Chris – Margaret nails this one on the head.

Margaret – I think if we were ever in that area again at meal time, we would definitely stop in again.  We had passed this restaurant a number of times and said ‘we must eat there someday’ and today was that day.  Chris liked the name of the restaurant and if you look at the pictures and then think of Chris’ twisted mind, you will see what caught his eye.

Fu-Sing - Restaurant Sign

Fu-Sing – Restaurant Sign

Closing comments

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