Five key leadership traits for 2014 by Joe Natale at The Globe & Mail on 2 January 2014.

The author is the Executive Vice-President and Chief Commercial Officer at Telus – he wrote this article on leadership traits as part of the Globe and Mail’s new Leadership Lab series.  He presents five areas where leaders need to excel:

  1. The ability to zoom (being able to quickly go from the big picture, down to the details, and then back up to the big picture again)
  2. The ability to lead in a complex environment (ideas, challenges and opportunities come from all aspects of the business)
  3. An exceptional ability to communicate (it lets people know what is important, and it can be a power motivational tool)
  4. The ability to learn and to teach (there must be a thirst for constant knowledge, but there must also be a desire to impart that knowledge)
  5. Be authentic (we’ve seen this before – people can easily spot and disregard a phoney.  If you lie about yourself, what else will you lie about?)
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