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Farmer’s Daughter Country Market

Address: 9393 Trans-Canada Highway, Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia, Canada

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Date / Time Visited: 10:30AM on 6 July 2014

Genre: Café (and gift shop, and farmer’s market…)

Meals Served: Breakfast / Lunch

Reservation: Nil

Here are some of our thoughts (please listen to the podcast for a complete description):

Ambiance/description of place/music/WIFI

Chris – Lovely setting, lots of farm memorabilia, clean, no music, multiple sections, food, fudge, gifts

Margaret – This location is a general store, souvenir shop and ‘restaurant’ all in one.  It was a mishmash of things as if the place was trying to be all things to all people.

Charlotte – Good Wi-Fi – (public)


Farmer's Daughter - Interior

Farmer’s Daughter – Interior

Greeting / reception

Chris – The person I thought was the owner didn’t speak to customers.  He was loud and was focused on hanging up a sign while arguing with his companion.

Margaret – We weren’t greeted and giving an order at the food and fudge counters weren’t efficient.  I suspect at least 2 of the employees we dealt with were new and there was an employee, Cassie, that really helped them out.  There seemed to be an issue of some kind with the people in the ice cream section.


Farmer's Daughter - Counter Area

Farmer’s Daughter – Counter Area

Menu prices

Chris – For breakfast items that were similar to Tim’s, the prices were higher but the quality was better.

Margaret – Reasonable.


Farmer's Daughter - Fresh Foods and Decor

Farmer’s Daughter – Fresh Foods and Decor


Chris – Not many breakfast choices, biscuit, bagel or wrap.

Margaret – Lots of choices of items you could put on your biscuit/bagel/wrap.  The cash register gave prompts depending on which item you selected.  I thought this was interesting and once the employee gets familiar with what is offered, the ordering process should be smoother.


Farmer's Daughter - Exterior Side View

Farmer’s Daughter – Exterior Side View

Smell/look/taste of breakfast

Chris – breakfast sandwich on WW bagel.  Egg, sausage, cheese.  3 choices of bagel and the one I wanted wasn’t available.  This sandwich is better than Tim’s, especially the sausage.  The cheese cost extra.

Margaret – Breakfast wrap with egg, bacon, mayo, red pepper.  (extra cost)  Not bad.  Very filling.  As usual, it was too much for me so Chris got to have the lion’s share of this treat.

Charlotte – same as daddy.


Farmer's Daughter - Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Farmer’s Daughter – Sausage Breakfast Sandwich

Why we chose menu items

Chris – Limited selection.

Margaret – Since there weren’t a lot of choices, the bagel sandwich appealed to the both of us (since we were sharing).

Service/wait staff knowledge

Chris – Lacking.

Margaret – No real wait staff, more like short-order cooks taking orders.  We waited at the counter while our sandwich was made.  Like I said before, I think there were a few new employees who would benefit from a bit more training.

Overall dining experience

Chris – Disappointing.  Mentally I built up the place based on Trip Advisor rating but the service and selection were suboptimal.  Didn’t receive our drinks with meals so had to go back to counter to get them.

Margaret – It was okay.  Not really a restaurant but a place to grab something to go while you browse through the general store.  Not many places to sit if you wanted to stay inside and the tables and chairs were placed where shoppers would be looking at items so not a great layout.


Farmer's Daughter - Road Sign

Farmer’s Daughter – Road Sign

Would we go again

Chris – To just eat, nope!  but if I wanted to get a gift/road snack (such as fudge)  then maybe.

Margaret – I guess it would depend on how hungry we were as we passed the location.  It was a place that we had seen many times and said ‘we must stop there’ as we passed by.  This time, Chris made a plan to stop there instead of driving by like usual. I actually wanted to go to Vi’s (now closed as of 2017).

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